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17th December 2014

BM Holistic Therapies has gone from strength to strength since February 2014.  From being based at The Village Hotel (De Vere Urban Resorts) to moving to a luxurious treatment room inside Therapy Solutions Clinic in Atherton Street, Prescot, Liverpool.  Lots more to come at BM Holistic Therapies for 2015..the only way is up!!

 21st December 2014

What a wonderful day it has been, had a Christmas day out in Liverpool with other therapists that I sometimes work with, we enjoyed Rose champagne at ‘WOW Champagne Bar’ at Harvey Nichols and then had a very sophisticated Christmas 3 course lunch at Panoramic34..the meal was sooo delicious and we were lucky to have a blue skies day to see the wonderful sights of the city centre and beyond! We then finished our day having a coffee at Palm Sugar. Such a fab & festive day with lovely ladies.xmas day out 2014 1

1st January 2015

Happy New Year to you all…here’s to a happy, healthy, holistic & peaceful 2015!  There is a lot on the agenda for BM Holistic Therapies this year..I will keep you posted…don’t want to give away too much too soon! All the very best to you and I look forward to seeing you this year whether you are a past, present or new client!! 

keep-calm-and-book-in-with-bev (1)

4th January 2015win hot stones

Well it is back to work tomorrow for a lot of you (booooo!) and some of us have already been working over the festive season.  How about a warm, relaxing treatment to take your mind off being back at work? Sound about right? Then why not head over to BM Holistic Therapies’ Facebook page and join in the competition to WIN a Hot Stone massage treatment?! Winner will be drawn on Wednesday 7th January. You can get to the FB page through this website…GOOD LUCK!

24th January 2015

I am pleased to announce that BM Holistic Therapies are now using Tropic skincare treatments! Tropic natural skincare & mineral make-up products are also available to purchase through this website and also at your appointment. Just go to the Tropic skincare section of this website and you will see information about Tropic and there will be a link to take you directly to the Tropic shop to purchase your wonderful and essential goodies!  

28th January 2015

BM Holistic Therapies attended the Prescot Business Networking monthly meeting.

30th January 2015

Here is the BMfht magazine article Holistic Therapies’ article that is featured in the January 2015 ‘International Therapist’ magazine by professional body FHT! I had a lovely conversation recently with the editor of the magazine (Karen Young) who gave me amazing feedback about both my article and the competition I ran for World Reflexology Week last September.

This is great recognition for me and BM Holistic Therapies.

Please take a look… 


3rd February 2015


10th February 2015

Valentine’s Day packages available for Him & for Her at BM Holistic Therapies..or love yourself this Valentine’s and treat yourself to a pamper package full of loveliness and wellbeing. Tropic Skincare & Make-up gift sets avaialble. BM Holistic Therapies gift vouchers available xx

12th February 2015

A BM Holistic Therapies client is having a Tropic Pamper/Wellbeing party tonight!! 

13th February 2015

The Tropic Pamper Party was a great success! There were 11 guests and they were loving the Tropic story and the goodness of the products! Bev spoke of the products and the guests sampled them and one of the guests were lucky enough to receive a facial and a makeover..everybody loved the end result and loved the scent, packaging and the feel of the Tropic range. I love it! Quite a few of the guests ordered which meant that my client who hosted the event received £75 worth of Tropic products of her choice (for free!) just for simply holding the party at her house! If you are interested in hosting a pamper party, contact me with a date, invite your friends and I will do the rest! Easy!  hostess

14th February 2015


love is...                 tropic pamper             for him       for her2

20th February 2015


ihm                                  exf&wrap

26th February 2015

BM Holistic Therapies attended Prescot Business Networking monthly meeting.

28th February 2015

It has been a busy month for BM Holistic Therapies…Tropic Pamper Parties, Valentines packages, new treatments on offer, busy busy busy in the treatment room with clients looking after their wellbeing with lots of various treatments, Prescot Online sponsorship, Prescot monthly business network meeting…here’s to an even busier March…

7th March 2015

BM Holistic Therapies had a stall at Prescot Producers Market in the town centre today! Met lots of lovely locals who were interested in learning what therapies are available and were also sampling the wonderful natural Tropic skincare & make-up range I displayed on my stall. A few appointments were booked and some Tropic orders placed..all in all a productive and enjoyable day. Lovely to meet you Presotonians (and a few of you from surrounding areas too!) x Bev xfacebook_1437314545920

14th March 2015

BM Holistic Therapies attended Tropic Skincare & Make-up training today at Ramada Hotel in Haydock. It was a very informative day and what I learned of the nasty chemicals in a lot of skincare and make-up that other brands use was shocking! You can be assured you won’t find them in the Tropic range though. Be careful what you use on your skin ladies and gents, do your research! 

19th March 2015

Pregnancy massage course done today. I really enjoyed it and I even got emotional when I felt the baby move on the model that came in for us to practice on! Now available at BM Holistic Therapies.facebook_1437315014315 (1)

20th March 2015

Cleansed my Chakra stones and Basalt stones (my hot stone therapy stones) during the eclipse today! They will be totally and fully charged and energized! Can’t do this very often so what a great opportunity! 

12th April 2015

Indian Head massage offer now showing on the BM Holistic Therapies facebook page! Take a look..offer for a limited time only.

6th May 2015

Very informative workshop done on ‘Reflexology for infertility’ (for both females AND males) & ‘Reflexology for pregnancy’. Use the website ‘contact form’ to ask me about this and for advice on when it is the best time to book the sessions.

10th May 2015

Holy Guacamoley! BM Holistic Therapies has been mentioned AGAIN in the latest edition of International Therapist magazine! This time for a BM Holistic tweet.  Such an honour to be featured in this magazine TWICE this year. What an achievement.facebook_1437317332557

22nd May 2015

BM Holistic Therapies has joined forces with MAGNET-EYES (also based inside Therapy Solutions Clinic) to bring you an offer of ‘HD brows & Back massage for just £35’. This offer is on til the end of July 2015. Terms and conditions appy. See Facebook page or use contact form on here to enquire. facebook_1437317297808

8th June 2015

‘Crystals, Auras & Chakras’ workshop done today! Crystals enhance your treatment with their unique properties and energies as they have been about for centuries and beyond! Crystal Healing which also involves cleansing and balancing your auras and chakras is available at BM Holistic Therapies as a treatment on its own or can be incorporated with most other therapies offered by BM Holistic. So interesting and so relaxing!facebook_1437316486448

19th June 2015

BM Holistic Therapies was out of the treatment room today and was instead at an office in Leigh in Wigan offering the lovely staff a choice of back massage, relexology, reiki or indian head massage. It was a very busy day, I was booked up from 9.30am to 5.30pm and I believe the reserve list was very long! Regular ‘Corporate therapies in the workplace’ helps reduce staff stress levels which in turn prevents staff being off work with stress related illness and it also helps increase productivity of the staff and more! If you are interested in massage, reflexology and/or other treatments in your workplace, please use the contact form on here for more details and a price.

16th July 2015

I lmystic quartzove my new Mystic Topaz quartz earrings and ‘chakra’ ring that I purchased a couple of days ago from an MBS shop in Gillygate in York. The chakra coloured stones in the ring really sparkle in the sunlight. The shop is called The Zentist and I also treated myself to a Refloxology session with Chandu whilst I was in there. I will be returning to this shop when I return to my fave city! So many goodies!

21st July 2015

‘Mini Spa Package for 2’ competition running on my facebook page NOW!  To enter, just ‘like’ my Facebook page and follow the instructions on the competition post. You can enter as many times as you like too!  There are a couple of links to my Facebook page through this website.  WINNER WILL BE DRAWN AND ANNOUNCED ON FB AT 9PM ON WED 29TH JULY…Good luck!!!

29th July 2015

Congratulations to Nicky Cobourne  who won  the ‘mini Spa package for two’ competition x 🙂

1st August 2015

Competition winner Nicky and her friend enjoyed their mini spa package today!

19th August 2015

Worked for Vida Therapies today at CRI Widnes doing therapies on the carers and service users.

23rd August 2015

BM Holistic Therapies was doing Reflexology taster sessions at Widnes MBS fair (Masonic Hall) today! I love this Widnes MBS fair! Yet again the place was buzzing from beginning to end with a great atmosphere! If you haven’t been to this one before then do give it a try in the future (it is held 3 times a year at the masonic hall).  There are great stalls, readers and therapists offering something for everyone. Next one is proposed to be Sun 22nd November. Use the contact form on this website to let me know you want to subscribe to future offers, news, updates and events.

24th & 26th August 2015

Working at CRI Runcorn & CRI Widnes again for Vida Therapies to support carers and service users with holistic therapies.

12th September 2015

No clinic today as I am off to Kingsley in Frodsham for a Reiki Share group with other Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters. Much needed healing through Reiki and guided meditation today..Love & Light xx

11th October 2015

dingle farmA Vida Therapists’ informal staff meeting today over a luxurious homemade afternoon tea at the beautiful Dingle Farm Tearooms in Warrington, Cheshire! How many others can say they look forward to their staff meetings eh! We also having an autumnal walk on one of their lovely walking routes at the farm.


16th October 2015

A full body massage and reflexology for me today, ready for my holiday next week!! As a therapist it is important to ensure I practice what I preach and have regular therapies myself as I need to be centred, grounded and clear minded and relaxed to be able to treat my clients with good and positive energy. 

3rd November 2015

Today I am starting at Widnes & Runcorn Cancer Support Centre as a Volunteer Therapist. I will be offering therapies on a fortnightly basis to the inspirational service users, carers, volunteers and staff there.

cancer centrecancer centre room 

1st December 2015

There is a Christmas message for my lovely clients inside this months Liverpool Lifestyle Magazine. This magazine is free and can be found in public places and stores in Liverpool City Centre and surrounding areas so please pick one up when you are Christmas shopping and have a look at my message! 🙂 

lifestyle maglifestyle message

4th December 2015

It is Vida Therapists’ Christmas meal today and we are having Festive Afternoon Tea at The Crown in Widnes! Fabulous daaarling! 



5th December 2015

Reiki Share group being held at Widnes Cancer Support Centre today.

29th December 2015


1st January 2016

Happy 2016 everyone! Thank you for choosing BM Holistic Therapies for your wellbeing needs during 2015! It doesn’t go unnoticed! Mwah 🙂 

4th January 2016

rosetteOH MY WORD! I have found out today that thanks to lots of my clients who have nominated, BM Holistic Therapies has been shortlisted for the Finals of the ‘Best Holistic Business’ category of The Liverpool Lifestyle Awards!! Thanks to those who nominated but now BM Holistic Therapies needs your votes to WIN! To support and give your vote, go to then click on ‘finalists’ and then scroll down to Cat 17 (Best Holistic Business), select BM Holistic Therapies (of course!) and finally scroll down to ‘submit’ or ‘done’. You don’t need to complete all the other categories. Thank you in advance!

18th January 2015

Early this morning I am meeting and eating at a business networking event with Liverpool Lifestyle Magazine. English breakfast and bottomless cups of tea with like minded people.

lifestyle network

24th January 2015


Competition now live on Facebook. You can get to the fb page TO ENTER the competition from this website! You can also enter as many times as you like..winner will be drawn on Sunday 31st Jan..

..good luck!!!




25th January 2016

Therapies at CRI Runcorn today.

19th February 2016

BM Holistic Therapies commences taster treatments at Tesco (Prescot) Community Room. This is a great opportunity for members of the local community to try out a therapy and feel their instant relaxing benefits! This will be available every Friday.

22nd February 2016

Therapies with the service users and staff at CRI Runcorn today.

29th February 2016

Therapies at CRI Runcorn today.

2nd March 2016

Therapies with the carers and service users at CRI Widnes today.

5th March 2016

The BM Holistic Therapies treatment room is closed today as the owner, Bev, is getting hair and make-up done for tonights Liverpool Lifestyle Awards in which BM Holistic Therapies is a Finalist for the ‘Best Holistic Business’ category!!! Woooohoooo! Fingers crossed!

7th March 2016

Very sad day today as I am working my last session for Vida Therapists at CRI Runcorn & Widnes. I will miss the service users, carers and staff and wish them all well in the future. It is the end of an era! Please keep up wth the good work service users! Good luck on your wellbeing journey! x Bev x

17th April 2016

BM Holistic Therapies offering taster therapies at Widnes Mind Body Spirit Fair today.

5th June 2016

“Introduction to Angels and Angel card reading” workshop today at college.

10th August 2016

Workplace Therapies (corporate massage) at Life Rooms (NHS) in Walton, a full day of the staff enjoying some relaxing therapies!




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