Bev Middleton - Holistic at HomeBev Middleton - Holistic at Home


“I have had a full body massage from Bev and found it very beneficial, I will be recommending Bev to family and friends ”
Sharee Roza McIntyre, Warrington


“I am enjoying my treatments from Bev and feel they are improving my wellbeing such as helping me to relax and improving my sleep”
Jackie Hiiggins, Widnes


“Enjoyed my Reiki session and felt uplifted after it, thanks Bev”
Tommy Higgins, Widnes


“Thanks to Bev for introducing me to Reiki and making it such a pleasant and calming experience. Bev’s professionalism and charm made me feel at ease. I felt relaxed after the treatment and I am looking forward to the next session”
Brenda Yates, Merseyside


“I have been receiving treatments from Bev for a few weeks and find it relaxing and the right amount pf pressure is used. Bev carries out the treatment in a comfortable, warm and safe environment. Once you have tried a treatment from Bev, I am sure you will go to her again ”
Lesley Savage, Widnes


“I was very relaxed whilst receiving a full body massage by Bev at my home. The pressure felt just right for me and afterwards I felt uplifted and my muscles felt looser. Also, after Bev completed her Reiki Master level, she gave me several massages and Reiki. The combination of the two was very powerful, so much so that I could see several colours during my session. ”
Cathy Simcock (Reiki Master) from Liverpool


“Fabulous massage Bev! The pressure was excellent. I have enjoyed and benefited from both full body massage and back, shoulders and neck massage treatments from you. I’m looking forward to my next session! ”
Michelle Spooner from Liverpool


“I suffer from back and leg muscle tension due to the nature of my job. Bev has met my needs for muscle tension, work related stress relief and relaxation. Bev’s pleasant and calm personality makes me feel at ease. I highly recommend Bev. ”
Stuart Mayers from Chester


“Thanks Bev for a lovely full body massage at your home, it was very professional and in an ambient environment. The massage felt great during the treatment and afterwards. I will be recommending you to my friends, family and work colleagues and I will be in touch soon for another treatment. ”
Rebecca Southern from Widnes


“I enjoyed my massage (especially the shoulders and the knees!). I felt very relaxed afterwards so thanks Bev! ”
Jo Walsh from Liverpool