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Skin care products by Tropic

Bev Middleton and Susan Ma with Tropic Skin Care Products Tropic Skincare was founded by Susan Ma who was a finalist on the BBC’S The Apprentice series. These skin care products are made from natural extracts and also suitable for vegans and are made cruelty free.  She started the product off when she was a young girl living with her family in Australia.  Susan used all natural products that she was surrounded by at home in Australia.  When she came to live in England, Susan continued to make her natural product (using jam jars to contain it) and decided to sell them on market stalls in London to help her family financially.  She entered The Apprentice competition and reached the final but unfortunately Lord Alan Sugar did not choose Susan to go into business with. However, this changed six months after the show when Lord Alan Sugar approached her and asked if he could have samples of her natural product for his wife to try.  Of course, Susan obliged and two weeks later Lord Alan Sugar contacted Susan to give her an offer she couldn’t refuse!  Susan and Lord Sugar now co-own Tropic and it is both a business and product that are rapidly growing.

All natural skin care products

Tropic products are made from natural extracts.  It is also suitable for Vegans and is cruelty-free.  The packaging is appealing due to its earthy but fresh colour and when you look at the ingredients you will find that each product is packed with goodness (compared to harsh chemicals in lots of other skincare products on the market). 

I use the Tropic skin care product range myself and find it a pleasure to use. I have sensitive and dry skin on both my face and body and find the Tropic skincare range works best for me along with their cruelty free make-up collection which is also natural.

I am delighted to be incorporating Tropic products into my treatments so that you too can share the great experience of this amazing product.  The product will also be available to purchase through BM Holistic Therapies too.  Just go to the link below to peruse and place your order! Contact me through this website if you would like to hold a Tropic Pamper Party at your home or workplace, the hostess receives great gifts and the rest of the party can sample the products and also be pampered by your Tropic Ambassador (me!) with facials and other treatments!

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Tropic skin care products - natural, vegan, pure honest and cruelty free